• Case Study - Caterpillar

Client Case Study: Caterpillar

Automatic Follow up on leads drives explosive growth


Caterpillar was searching for a lead generation system to supply its outside representatives with appointments that would decrease wasted time and drive sales. The program would need to touch diverse market segments over a wide geographic area and handle regional and even local nuances. Each industrial segment uses different equipment and there were several tiers of customers represented in each. Based on various criteria there needed to be different copy, art, graphics, and offers which varied dealer by dealer.


Caterpillar chose the VDP Complete® lead generation system to meet these requirements. Variable data postcards were customized to new business prospects and mailed to their business locations. The copy and offers were tailored to each lead’s demographic information that included industry, number of employees, revenue, and other relevant factors.

VDP Complete developed personalized landing pages which included a survey form and variable data fields throughout. Every piece of information was variable and was based on the same demographics as the card from a shared database. The call to action was to fill out a survey for a chance to win various prizes that varied by region.


Every prospect that visited the web page triggered a real time alert to the appropriate sales person. The alerts could be received and easily read on a laptop, PDA, or cellular phone. Combined statistics were available to each branch on line and on demand.

The campaign generated a consistent flow of actionable leads. Many were prospects in the buying cycle. The mailings consistently pulled response rates in excess of 4%. The leads created from the campaign and generated sales provided a healthy return on investment.

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