• Case Study - Salvatore Principe

Client Case Study: Salvatore Principe

Finding art galleries to wholesale giclée reproductions

Client Goal

The Salvatore Principe Gallery needed to supplement their revenue while increasing exposure of the artist’s signature canvases. Selling giclées (canvas reproduction prints) in wholesale packages to other galleries was determined to be the best opportunity for both of these goals.


With limited time and budget, design a direct marketing campaign which included:

  • Creating the offer, art packages and pricing
  • Locating the right prospects to mail
  • Designing the marketing piece
  • Pricing and printing the product offer
  • Creating new web pages to support the offers


Fixed Cost Per Piece
The VDP Complete lead generation system was able to provide all of the disparate services needed to create a direct mail campaign with a simple, out the door cost per piece price. The fixed cost enabled the Salvatore Principe Gallery to successfully budget for their marketing without concerns over unexpected costs that typically occur with traditional direct mail.

The Right Prospects
Finding the correct establishments to expose to Sal’s artwork was critical. Art galleries were selected with annual revenues above $250,000 as these outlets were likely to have capital on hand and a requirement to expand and refresh their product lines.

Design Befitting an Art Gallery
A vibrant, high quality print postcard detailed showcased the art and the gallery’s signature “heart” theme. A unique URL for each prospect was printed prominently with a call to action to view the full collection and more details online.


In addition to phone calls, 6% of the recipients visited the website to view more information. Rather than being lost as with traditional direct mail, web visitors identified by their unique URL’s were flagged for further follow up by the gallery’s sales staff.

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