• Case Study - Strike Yachts

Client Case Study: Strike Yachts

Highly targeted mail yields results


Roxanne Willmer of Strike Yachts in Pompano Beach, Florida was looking to create a comprehensive national sales campaign for the new Strike 37’ Walk Around Sport Fisherman. Strike needed to capture customer interest, gather contact information, acquire new leads, and prioritize sales opportunities.

Strike required a system to build brand awareness, maintain contact with existing leads and discover new prospects. Both time and financial resources were limited. Additionally, several factors had to be addressed to successfully implement the marketing campaign:

  • The house file consisted of a collection of printed web and phone contact forms, hand written notes, and business cards accumulated over the last two years
  • Strike knew which prospects they wanted to target, but was unsure of how to proceed
  • The management team was too busy running day to day operations to create a new marketing strategy and then coordinate a mail list provider, copywriter, graphic designer, printer, mail house, and web developer in order to implement the program


Strike chose the turn key VDP Complete® lead generation to meet all of their requirements. VDP Complete provided additional value above and beyond traditional marketing campaigns.

Data Compilation & Analysis
First, database experts put Strike’s house file into a useable electronic format. Next, using information learned from a detailed analysis of the house file, new prospects were found that matched the following criteria:

  • Owners of competitors’ boats from 29-60 feet
  • Current boat age greater than 5 years
  • Personal demographics (age, income, etc.) similar to current customer profile
  • Relevant economic factors such as increasing gas prices made owners looking to downsize a good target as were yacht fishing owners looking for a more economical platform

Strategy, Copywriting & Message
Strike selected a 12 cycle direct mail campaign that would target sport fishermen who were likely to make a new boat purchase.

  • The VDP Complete project manager reviewed Strike’s materials and developed copy and messaging consistent with the company’s existing fit and feel.
  • Each mail piece prominently featured a unique web address that led to a personalized web page with opt-in marketing.
  • The call to action was to download a review of the Strike 37 by Florida Sport Fishing, a leading industry magazine.
  • The web landing page featured an opt-in form pre-populated with the visitor’s existing information. The page served two purposes. First, it allowed visitors to request a brochure and to submit additional information such as phone numbers and email. Second, the page recorded interest for Strike’s sales team even if no requests were made.

Print Design & Web Design
VDP Complete staff managed the entire process, including graphic design and web development.

  • To capture immediate interest and highlight the Strike lifestyle, an action shot of the boat underway and vivid fishing photos were selected.
  • Using Flash, the landing page dynamically scrolled through a series of appealing action shots and the interior details of the yacht to show quality and value.

Printing, Postage & Mailing
The VDP Complete project manager coordinated the printer, the mail house and the delivery to the post office, assuring that all aspects of fulfillment were accomplished on schedule.

Response Tracking: Identifying Individuals Who Visited the Web
VDP Complete web technology identified every unique URL, sent a real time email alert to Strike for follow up and recorded the information in a state of the art online reporting program. This functionality allowed Strike to capture a list of "soft leads" from web visitors who did not take additional action. This process identified more prospects than would have been possible with traditional direct mail.


The very first mailing of the campaign, which included existing prospects, pulled a 14% response rate. Response among new prospects who were not previously part of Strike’s lead list was also very strong at 9%.

  • Design played a critical role in capturing attention
  • The use of unique URL’s identified the specific person visiting the website and allowed Strike to capture interest without a follow on action by the prospect.
  • A web opt-in form was pre-populated with the visitor’s name and address and allowed them to submit additional information such as their home phone number and email address and to easily request additional information.
  • In addition to real time email alerts, an Excel or text file was available on demand to provide a warm lead list to Strike’s sales team

Lessons Learned & Best Practices

A direct mail piece has only a few seconds to get noticed and capture a prospect’s attention. Highly personalized and relevant content that is presented with bright lifestyle shots are the ones most likely to stand out from the crowd. Targeted mailing is best accomplished with variable data that speaks to each individual recipient. Finally, copy which drives the prospect online with a web based call to action helps improve the response rate by capturing the interest of leads who do not call or submit a request for more information.

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