• Case Study - ThermoSpas

Client Case Study: Thermo Spas

Automatic Follow up on leads drives explosive growth


Thermo Spas of Wallingford, Connecticut needed a direct customer contact system to augment their sales force in closing existing leads. Prospects who had requested information from the firm from a variety of sources but had not yet bought a hot tub were the target audience. The contacts were often located in rural areas that precluded the preferred onsite sales visit. The firm had developed an online design tool to service these customers, but traffic to the web from these key leads was not meeting expectations.

Thermo Spas required an automated system to maintain contact with existing leads and drive them to the website tool for sales fulfillment. The program needed to run independently of already overburdened sales and marketing personnel. Additionally, the firm required that the quantity and quality of leads developed could be definitively tracked.


Thermo Spas chose the turn-key VDP Complete® system to meet their requirements. Variable data postcards were customized to each prospect and mailed to their home address. The copy and offers were tailored to each lead’s known preferences and location.

VDP Complete developed personalized landing pages which included a pre-populated opt-in form and variable data fields throughout the text. A flash movie featured lifestyle footage of popular spa models being enjoyed. The call to action was a simple button to begin the design process.


The campaign mailed an average of 800 pieces per week and has consistently pulled response rates of 15.5 %. These follow-up mailings have yielded an additional sale for every 7 responders at an average ticket of $11,000. The resulting revenue of $187,000 per mail cycle has provided an impressive return on investment well in excess of 10,000 %.

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