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Improving Direct Mail Effectiveness

Lead generation with variable data print in a digital world

Despite the popular emphasis on new media, the best consumer response is still generated by personalized and relevant direct response marketing. Even for giant web based firms with overwhelming market share, getting more site visits is a constant challenge. Industry leaders like Google and zappos use direct mail to drive web traffic.

In the new marketing landscape, traditional channels are the engine behind sales growth. Variable data print direct mail can provide the power of a highly personalized web experience with the hands-on fit and feel of a physical touch. VDP Complete® improves direct mail by allowing marketers to:

  • Customize content, art, and offer by recipient
  • Track web responses that take no direct action
  • Engage customers with automated, multi-channel follow-up

Visit VDP Mail® for complete details on how direct response marketing via mail can effectively reach new customers, drive profitable growth and provide measureable ROI.

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