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Direct Mail Marketing

Variable Data Printing – Cross Media Marketing & Personalized URLs

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VDP Mail provides highly targeted 1:1 direct marketing communications that improve response rates, allow for accurate metrics, and drive return on investment (ROI). Virtually any type of direct mail piece can be created. Postcards, flyers, cut sheets and catalogs can all be produced that are highly targeted to the recipient.

Custom Tailored Mail

Using Variable Data Printing (VDP) and our proprietary analysis methodology, a VDP Complete campaign makes three critical advances in direct mail:

  • Mail is sent with individually crafted art and messaging based on the recipient’s demographics
  • Cost effective testing of message and format is readily available to determine which formats give the best response rate
  • Each mail piece features a unique web address that leads to a custom home page with automatically populated opt-in forms

Enhanced Email Communications

With VDP Complete, personalized messaging and landing pages can be incorporated into any email marketing program. Use any provider to dramatically improve click through and response rates by offering a unique url to email recipients.

  • Be certain of response rates and "opens" by measuring personalized url landing page responses
  • Serve powerful variable content via email the same as direct mail
  • Coordinate direct mail, email, and any other marketing channel

Industries & Verticals

A VDP Mail marketing piece that drives respondents to a web page using personalized urls is particularly powerful in the following applications:

  • Secondary and Higher Education event registration
  • Trade Show and Event traffic development
  • Direct sales lead generation (financial, insurance)
  • Surveys and data collection
  • Event triggered marketing touches (birthdays, service alerts…)

Opt-In Marketing

Data Collection

By collecting as much data on visitors was possible, firms can make touch points more relevant to the recipient. The more relevant the communication the better the results.

Active Data Collection

By asking specific and direct questions of identified web visitors we can gather data and save that information for later use.

Passive Data Collection

Tracking what links a web visitor selects provides a strong indication of their areas of interest and firms can use that information to tailor future touches.

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