• Integrated Email Marketing

VDP Complete® Intergrated Email Marketing

Easily include email with print and other channels

VDP Complete incorporates the easiest to use email marketing platform ever developed. The intuitive user interface makes sending email campaigns, with or without personal URLs, a quick and painless addition to your campaign. Avoid data silos and manage only one marketing program.

VDP Web makes Email Marketing fast and efficient

Everything you need to create, launch, and track email campaigns is fully integrated with PURLs, campaign specific landing pages, and reporting. Select full or self service support.

Step 1: Setup a Sender Profile

Sender profiles describe the sender of an email message. Store one or more profiles for quick reuse in email campaigns.

Step 2: Create Content

Our WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor is easy to use and also allows for direct HTML coding.

Step 3: Create Lists

Lists allow you to organize email contacts. Members are tracked using either their email address or their Prospect Id from the PURL system.

Step 4: Send

Be ready to send your first email campaign in minutes. Once you've created a sender profile, content, and uploaded your contact list, you're ready to send. You may send immediately or schedule for a future drop. Live merge lets you check your file.

Key Features

  • Easy — No IT support is required for integrated campaigns
  • Simple — Get started quickly!
  • Inexpensive — Enterprise level functionality at small business cost
  • Professional — Unlimited design and coordination possibilities
  • Branded — Enterprise level clients can opt to use their logo with throughout the application and can select a vanity URL.

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