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VDP Complete® 1:1 Cross Media

Variable Data Direct Marketing with Personalized URLs (PURLs)

VDP Complete is the turn key marketing system that captures and cultivates sales leads using industry leading cross media technology. The program automatically develops a best prospects list with demographics and email addresses using any marketing channel, including mail, email, print advertising, SMS-text, phone, broadcast and static print advertising.

The VDP Complete marketing program includes everything required to conduct a sophisticated direct marketing campaign that is supported by the web to build brand awareness, enter the sales cycle at the right time and capture current sales opportunities.

Four Critical Advances in Direct Marketing

Using Variable Data Printing (VDP) and our analysis methodology, a VDP Complete campaign makes critical advances in marketing:

  • Content is served with individually crafted art and messaging based on the recipient’s demographics via direct mail with variable printing or by email
  • Cost effective testing of message and format is readily available in a unified interface to determine which formats give the best response rate
  • Each communication features a unique web address that leads prospects to a custom home page with automatically populated opt-in forms and automatic follow up
  • Detailed reporting is available in one location for direct mail, email, SMS-text, and phone

Timely and Relevant Communications

The Right Message

Our detailed analysis allows the customer to be targeted with the right message. This analysis determines not only who your best customers are, but who they ought to be. Variable data allows you to cost-effectively send multiple versions of the same mailing that are tailored to selected demographics of each recipient. Start a two way conversation and have your customers tell you the data you need to know.

The Right Customer

The VDP Complete methodology begins with a detailed data analysis of current and potential customers. The result of the review is a highly targeted list of recipients for individually customized direct mail campaigns

Data and Demographics

Information on your best customers holds the key to the VDP Complete program. We can extrapolate which types of people are most likely to respond to direct marketing solicitations and procure the right contacts. Even if your direct marketing efforts are starting from scratch, we can build a program using industry benchmarks to create a vibrant campaign.

The Right Time

VDP Complete analyzes your sales cycle and creates a direct mail campaign to support it. Proper repetition is the key. One to one marketing makes it cost effective to target both existing customers and prospects with custom mail pieces.

The Right Channel

Utilize direct mail, email, SMS-text, and phone to reach out to your customers in the way they want you to. By gathering data during every touch point and making the marketing process a two way conversation, you can learn about your customers’ preferences and then automatically tailor your efforts to match.

Program benefits

  • Creates unique web pages (PURL's) for each prospect that drive improved response and are an ideal platform for opt-in marketing & surveys
  • Analyzes house file (database) for hidden opportunities based on key demographics
  • Provides direct mail communications specifically tailored to each individual recipient based on key demographics
  • Increases sales effectiveness, decreases effort, improved response rates and yields higher Returns on Investment (ROI) from the marketing budget.
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