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VDP Complete® Campaign Design

What does a VDP Complete direct mail campaign include?

There is no limit to the number and type of designs that can be utilized with VDOP Complete. Postcards, newsletters, flyers, folded and tabbed, printing on plastics, perforated and stamped medium can all be effectively used. Need advice on what designs have generated the best response rates and provided the best ROI? Contact us.

Custom Tailored Direct Communications

The VDP Complete system can utilize any variable data medium online or in print to deliver a highly targeted message. Email and variable data print direct mail both be used.

Individual Web Pages

Each recipient of a VDP Complete mailing will be prominently offered the use of a personalized web address to respond to the call to action. These pages artfully solicit additional demographic information and commitment by enticing recipients to opt-in for a web account or other offer.

Surveys, Opt-ins & Link Tracking

Make every touch point with your customers a two way conversation by including surveys, opt-ins, and link click tracking in your marketing. VDP Complete is the perfect platform for developing a powerful online tool for customer communications. When prospects visit their personalized web pages they will find an automatically populated form inviting them to join a newsletter, club, or open a web account. The system will also track what links are utilized and what downloads are selected on a campaign by campaign, touch point by touch point basis. This data is collected in one location and is available to you online and on demand. Prospects who are part of permission based marketing efforts can receive additional information and solicitations via their preferred marketing channel.

Reporting & Automatic Follow Up

The VDP Complete system allows the performance of detailed analytics on the results of campaigns and the development of automatic and manual action items. Recipients who visit the web can be targeted with follow up mail, email, or telemarketing based on what pages they visited and what level of interest they displayed at various offers. The system includes and automatic email response feature.

Making Every Communication a 2-Way Conversation

The true power of cross media marketing is to create opportunities for two way conversations with potential and current clients. By driving visitors to the web and personalized landing pages we can create a cost effective and automatic mechanism for collecting data. PURLs (Personalized URLs) can be used to identify visitors and serve variable content.

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