• Personalized URL Reporting

Alerts & Reporting

Real Time Email Alerts, Reports & Downloads On Demand

Captured Information

VDP Web® captures detailed information about every visitor to the site. Page visits, link clicks, opt-ins and survey participation are recorded using the visitor's PURL (personalized URL), IP address, a unique cookie and the session identifiers which separate different occasions when the prospect visits.

Enterprise Level Data & Administration

The VDP Web system was specifically designed for enterprise level campaigns. Reports and administrative tools can be custom tailored to any business requirement or pre-existing system. Data from multiple sources can be combined, coordinated, exported and tracked in order to avoid "data silos."

Data Exchange & Delivery Options

Real Time Visit Alerts

An email can be sent to various locations based on the needs of the campaign. Alerts can go directly to a sales representative or a centralized location as soon as the prospect opens their personalized web page, even if the prospect does not submit a form. The PURL address automatically links the individual back to their mailing record, identifying them by name, address and all other relevant information available in the data file.

Real Time Survey/Opt In Alerts

Real time email alerts can also be deployed to a sales representative or centralized location (e.g. marketing or CRM) after a prospect submits a survey response or opt-in form.

Customer Access Reports

VDP Web provides permissions based, real time, on demand access to PURL campaigns. Accounts can be granted access to various sites. Additionally, custom built detail reports can be specially created for certain sites based upon client requirements. These custom reports will appear in the report menu along with all other standard reports available for the site.

Automated Import & Export of Data

VDP Web's powerful framework allows for virtually any configuration of data imports and exports. Data imports and exports can be created to transform data from virtually any schema (column layout) to virtually any schema. Data imports and exports can also be scheduled or executed on demand via a web or application interface with or without encryption.

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