• Specialty Marketing - Lifecycle Management

VDP Complete® Life Cycle Management

A turn key program: Maintain & further develop relationships

Actively Manage Your Customers

The ever rising cost of new customer acquisition makes it imperative to grow a stronger relationship with existing customers. The number one marketing oversight made today is to ignore the most profitable prospects you already have. VDP Complete can automate the process of maintaining contact by creating an ongoing program to increase sales and build brand loyalty. Expand the relationship with:

  • Custom tailored mail for each recipient – with or without a call to action
  • Personalized offers based on customer behavior, purchase patterns, and demographics
  • Individual web pages with special offers that capture which customers visit the site, even if they never buy, call, or fill out a form
  • Multi-media integration and coordination
  • Detailed reporting on response rates
  • Web based opt-in marketing forms
  • Automated follow-up marketing and sales opportunity alerts generated by web site visits

Life Cycle Management Program Uses

Ideal for membership based clubs, associations, and customer rewards programs

  • Long term customer loyalty & retention
  • Behavior driven cross sell and up sell marketing
  • New member retention – develop and cement brand loyalty and renewal
  • Thank you and customer appreciation notices
  • Automated service & activity follow up correspondence
  • Service reminders, reorder announcements, and seasonal notifications

Life Cycle Management Key Features

  • Turn key program that easily integrates with existing efforts
  • Fixed, all inclusive cost per piece with no hidden fees or charges
  • Automated direct mail program designed to increase customer engagement
  • Cost effective marketing with trackable results
    and measurable ROI

Key Program Benefits

  1. Increase customer base (membership size) by improving retention
  2. Maximize revenue from existing customers
  3. Increase brand loyalty and build a strong, long term relationship
  4. Decrease customer turnover
  5. Increase product line use
  6. Engage customers in cost effective sales using online channels
  7. Reduce customer acquisition costs
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