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You have unique and valuable products and services to offer to patients that want your help. VDP Complete can delve into your target market, determine the key demographic factors that drive your business, and find the best prospects.

We have extensive experience with consumer medical markets and understand the circumstances that make your business unique. Our specially tailored program can help increase the number of procedures you do every day.

Program Benefits

  • Find the key demographics of your best clients and target similar potential prospects
  • Build awareness and capture current sales opportunities
  • Create an opt-in marketing & newsletter information programs
  • Receive detailed reports on program effectiveness
  • Test and focus efforts on most profitable message
  • Identify prospects who have visited your website and target them for follow-up

VDP Complete Program Results

  • Reviews program guidelines to discover hidden opportunities based on key demographics
  • Provides direct mail communications specifically tailored to each individual recipient based on key demographics
  • Creates unique web pages (URL’s) with automatically populated opt-in marketing forms for each prospect
  • Increases sales effectiveness, decreases effort, improved response rates and yields higher Returns on Investment (ROI) from the marketing budget
Newsletter Signup
  • Valuable industry information
  • Case studies, sales pointers & successful VDP strategies
  • Information on successful cross media marketing
  • Never more than 1 email per month

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