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Personalized URLs in Direct Marketing

What is VDP Complete?

VDP Complete is an all inclusive cross media marketing system which combines Profile Complete®, VDP Mail® and VDP Web® personalized web pages into a complete prospecting program. VDP Complete captures and cultivates sales leads, building measurable results.

What does VDP Complete include?

  • A turn key campaign that includes a detailed a analysis to determine your best customer and prospect profile
  • Expert marketing strategy development
  • New prospect acquisition and list procurement
  • Direct mail and web design and copy
  • Web addresses and landing pages customized individually for every prospect
  • Integrated unique 800# and email tracking
  • Printing, postage, address sorting, and delivery
  • Real time email alerts and detailed campaign reporting

How is opt-in marketing & surveys incorporated?

When a prospect visits their personalized URL, a form is automatically populated that allows the visitor to opt-in for more information, join an email or newsletter distribution list, or take a survey. Because VDP Web has already identified the visitor, forms are pre-populated, minimizing the effort required by the prospect and improving response.

What can I learn about my customers?

VDP Complete provides a full suite of data gathering and analysis tools. The system uses every touch point as an opportunity to gather more data on interested prospects. Profile Complete captures new leads from any marketing channel and provides demographic information by referencing national consumer databases. VDP Mail and VDP Web use that data as a basis to serve 1:1 marketing messages through variable data printing and personalized landing pages to solicit more information, and provide a measurable call to action. The combined result of this effort is a detailed marketing list.

How is variable data printing different from traditional mail?

Multiple pieces of differing designs are printed in any order and customized for each individual recipient. Vary the colors, graphics, web page URL, and offer on a case-by-case basis. In this way, direct mail, the web, and opt-in marketing are combined in one system. Targeted messaging improves response rates and increases Return on Investment(ROI) while keeping costs low.

Why are multiple mailings more important?

In order to build brand awareness, enter the sales cycle at the right time, and capture current sales opportunities, it is critical for your message to be seen when the prospect is looking. By targeting only the best leads on an ongoing basis, you increase the chance of being in front of the customer when they are ready.

How much does VDP Complete cost?

The cost of a complete VDP Complete campaign (including analysis, list procurement, design, printing, postage, mailing, sorting, tracking, personalized web pages, the opt-in marketing platform, surveys, reporting, prospect information, downloads, and email sales alerts) varies by volume from only $0.67 per piece.

Can I coordinate all of my advertising?

Absolutely. VDP Complete can provide unique URLs, personalized web content, email, SMS text, and 800# tracking, for virtually any marketing channel. We can work with all the partners in your marketing plan to bring maximum exposure and response to your message.

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